Which Bathrobe Should I Choose?

We know the importance of providing quality linens to your hotel. Unlike any other, a luxury bathrobe can give you an unforgettable experience.

We are pleased to offer our guests a wide range of hotel quality bathrobes made of the highest quality materials, and our goal is to provide products that are suitable for all budgets and customer groups.

To make it easier for you, we discuss some of the best-selling bathrobes here.

Terry Bathrobe

When you are looking for a bathrobe your guest likes, our Terry Bathrobes can offer you an affordable choice. This bathrobe is made of 400 GSM 100% cotton terry, so you can relax at the hotel.

Velour Bathrobe

Velour Bathrobe is 100% luxurious soft white cotton made with 400 GSM. Water absorption inside the terry towel is also improved! Features such as long calf length, shawl collar and full sleeves in the bathrobe make people feel comfortable and comfortable.

Waffle Bathrobe

Waffle Bathrobe is an innovative, lightweight and luxurious nightie that combines the power of waffles with the comfort and softness of luxurious velvet cotton. The weight is 260 gsm and is made of white 100% cotton square weave, making it the best waffle bathrobe in the collection.