Which Quilts Can Be Vacuumed?

Duvets Can Not Be Vacuumed

The duvet (whether down or goose down) has a high degree of loftiness. This loft comes from the down ball in the down, a small number of pompons and the number of holes in the fiber, making the down reserve more still air,which effectively isolates the cold air, and the higher the loftiness, the warmer the quilt, so that the quilt has better thermal performance, but heavy pressure will destroy the pompoms, resulting in reduced warmth.

Which Quilt Can Be Compressed In Vacuum?

Which quilts can be compressed in vacuum? Fiber quilts, wool quilts, and cotton quilts can be vacuum-compressed. Then why would they not affect the bulkiness by vacuumed compression? Because these fibers have good curl and elasticity, normal compression does not affect warmth.

However, if all the quilts are stored for a short period of time, vacuum compression is irrelevant. If it is prepared for long-term storage, try to keep the quilt in a more natural state. If there is space in the home and you have to compress it in vacuum, you can take it out and blow it off every time.